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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

General Civil and Criminal litigation

Legal representation of clients in Court is our core practice area. We initiate and prosecute clients’ cases in Court and conduct legal defence for clients facing criminal prosecutions of all kinds.

Appeal Practice

We have a huge appellate practice spanning across several divisions of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. We have a track record of successfully completed appeals in the appellate Court.

Commercial Litigation

Clients often need commercially-expedient solutions when faced with legal disputes. We have a robust engine driving commercial litigation while being business-conscious in the client’s interest. Protracted legal disputes are not pro-business and this is where our skills come handy, to deliver commercially-expedient solutions.

Petroleum Downstream Sector

Like other commercial endeavours, the oil and gas business is strictly time-driven. With a large volume of clients requiring our services in downstream commercial disputes, we have developed modules for quick and efficient resolution of disputes involving petroleum products trade.

Insolvency and Recovery

We offer wide options for corporate insolvency and general recovery engagements. Our skills have been deployed to help clients including individuals and banks recover through receivership, winding-up and commercial recovery actions as appropriate.

Maritime, Shipping and Aviation Law

Our great strength in the water and air transport industry disputes resolution mechanism has resulted in a frequent application of our skills in the Admiralty Jurisdiction to find commercially-viable solutions to numerous clients.

Intellectual Property Law

Our skills in resolving disputes involving copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other intellectual properties through litigation or ADR processes or a combination has enabled us to bring solutions to clients in need.

Constitutional and Human Rights Law

We have a strong grounding in disputes involving constitutional law especially political cases. We have applied our skills in this regard in many political cases. We also have a bias for human rights related cases where we have slots for pro bono services in deserving cases.

Election Petition

We have expertise in all election-related disputes from pre-election party nomination disputes to election petition proceedings before Election Tribunals and have often brought relief to clients in this area.

International Trade

As the world globalizes and becomes a virtual village,  international trade assumes new and improved dimensions for efficiency. Commercial disputes arise and they need to be resolved as quickly as possible for free flow of trade to meet customers and bank credit expectations. This is what we do.

Labour/Industrial Law

We assist clients with resolution of employment and trade disputes through litigation and a combination of ADR processes.

Property and Investment Law

We have a bourgeoning property and investment law practice under the aegis of our subsidiary firm, The Whiteacre Solicitors.

Corporate and Commercial Practice

We also offer a variety of corporate and commercial services to a wide-range of corporate bodies including some blue-chips with our hardworking Corporate/Commercial Practice Unit.

Public Sector

We carry on with general consultancy services in the Public Sector through reform advisory and legal and regulatory framework articulation. We also offer consultancy services in legislative and legal drafting services. 

About Us

Auxano Law is the signature law practice for Chijioke Emeka & Colleagues, The Whiteacre Solicitors and the Human Rights & Development Advocates (HURIDAD). Read more on our Profile.

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