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Our Track Record

Our Track Record

In the 2015 and 2016 legal years alone, AUXANO LAW concluded over 25 cases through Court and ADR and secured judgments in about 95% of them in both civil and criminal cases spanning the High Court and the Court of Appeal. This comprised of commercial cases in the High Court and civil and criminal appeals in the Court of Appeal.

  • In SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/628/2016, we successfully represented a major client in a complex settlement involving three petroleum companies Stallionaire Nigeria Limited, Acorn Petroleum Plc and Bono Energy Limited where we recovered the sum of N744 Million
  • We successfully represented a major client in the resolution of a lease dispute against Olona Petroleum Limited and Asset Oil and Gas Limited at the Federal High Court, Ibadan Division.
  • In FHC/L/CS/614/2016, we represented a musical record label, ERICMANY LIMITED in the quest to resolve a copyright dispute involving a popular artiste at the Federal High Court, Lagos. The dispute was later amicably resolved through ADR.
  • In SUIT NO. LD/1411CMW/2015, we represented the petroleum downstream giant, PETROCAM TRADING LIMITED in a N2.1 Billion dispute at the Lagos High Court against OBAT PETROLEUM.
  • In SUIT NO. LD/2771CMW/2017, we are currently representing PETROCAM TRADING NIGERIA LIMITED in a petroleum import dispute involving about N1Billion by Pinnacle Oil & Gas Limited.
  • In SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/1593/2014, we are representing two blue-chip companies in a group in a receivership action by Ecobank in the Federal High Court Lagos Division involving the PPPRA, DMO and the CBN, with a nucleus interest in the sum of N1.02Billion.
  • In SUIT NO. FCT/HC/CV/543/2014, INEH-MIC AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LIMITED V NUJUUM VENTURES LIMITED & ORS. we successfully prosecuted a claim for N57 Million for a client in a suit arising out of a breach of contract in the High Court of the FCT.
  • In SUIT NO. FCT/HC/CV/2290/2014 we successfully prosecuted a claim for the recovery of the sum of N107.5 Million for a client in a suit arising from breach of contract in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, DILLY MOTORS LIMITED V NUJUUM VENTURES LIMITED & ORS.
  • We are currently representing a former Deputy Governor in a suit against the Speaker of a State House of Assembly challenging the constitutionality of his removal in the State High Court.
  • In SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/660/2016, we are currently representing Chyzob Oil and Gas Limited in the Federal High Court, Lagos Division in a Charter dispute involving THE MT IHEM, an oil tanker.
  • In SUIT NO. ID/1242/2012, we are prosecuting a claim against Arik Air Limited where we seek N250 Million as damages for negligent misstatements as to flight times made by Arik Air in respect of e-ticketing which our client acted upon to his financial losses.
  • In SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/298/2016, we are representing BONO ENERGY LIMITED in an action against Acorn Petroleum Plc at the Federal High Court, Lagos Division for the recovery of the sum of N626Milion in a petroleum downstream dispute.
  • We are currently representing a major client in two separate suits valued at a cumulative sum of about N10 Billion against the Central Bank of Nigeria in the Federal High Court, Lagos arising from Foreign Exchange rates disputes following the devaluation of the Naira and the floating of the Naira.
  • We are currently representing a major client in a legal dispute over a loan of over N8 Billion against a major bank at the FCT High Court, Lugbe.
  • We are representing a former State Deputy Governor of in two separate libel suits in Imo State High Court, Owerri Division and the Lagos State High Court, Lagos Division valued at about N4Billion.
  • We are currently representing SETANA ENERGY LIMITED in an admiralty claim involving damage to and loss of liquid bulk cargo valued at over N100 Million.
  • In SUIT NO. PH/1920/2016, DIGITEK ENGINEERING CO. LTD V SHORELINK OIL & GAS LTD, we are representing a loyal client in a claim of over N1 Billion in the Rivers State High Court, Port Harcourt Division, arising from a commercial dispute.
  • In CA/L/1246/2016, we are inviting a Full Court of the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division to overrule its previous decisions misinterpreting the decision of the Supreme Court in the EMIR OF MURI case on the scope of the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court in fundamental rights applications.
  • In SC 747/2016 the question we pose for the Supreme Court is whether the report of an Ad Hoc Committee of a State legislature indicting a public officer which is procured in violation of the nemo judex in causa sua rule of natural justice is valid.
  • In YOYO V INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD V ALPHA SANITARY WARES LTD, we are inviting the Supreme Court to depart from its previous decision in 2008 that an originating process issued from the Federal High Court of Nigeria requires endorsement for service in any State in Nigeria under the Sheriffs and Civil Process Act.
  • In SC 748/2016, HARUNA TIMOTHY V THE STATE, we have just secured the leave of the Supreme Court to raise and canvass a new issue whether a person can be convicted for an offence for which the Prosecution failed to establish its core elements, irrespective of the strength vel non of the defence.
  • In SC 26/2017, OKEM BENJAMIN V THE STATE we are seeking a decision by the Supreme Court on whether the Appellant’s conviction based on an offence with which he was neither charged nor tried and which has different ingredients from the offence with which he was charged, can stand.

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